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About Richard

I began taking classical piano lessons when I was 5 years old. I didnít know it at the time, but Iíve always had perfect pitch which basically means I can play by ear really well. I took classical piano lessons from Jean Rose until I was about 14 and I studied a lot of Chopin and Beethovan under her, including Chopinís first Ballade in G minor. I quit piano for about 3 years because not only did practicing classical music burn me out, but, as my Youtube username suggests, I love tennis. Tennis helped get me into the George Washington University where I went on to play 4 years of division 1 NCAA tennis.

When I returned to playing piano just before I went to college, I didnít start back up with classical music. Instead I decided to play some of my favorite rock songs on piano by ear and the rest is history. Now, I play everything from classic rock to modern rock to pop to house/EDM tracks. I have been recognized by Avicii, Tiesto, Steve Angello, Starkillers, Afrojack, and Eva Simons for covering their house tracks on the piano. During my 4 years at GWU, I was privileged enough to have played at the Mellon Auditorium, Lisner Auditorium, the Italian Embassy for Elle Magazine and Armani, and for Congress.

I, like many others, quit piano because I thought it was boring playing classical music. However what I do now on the piano has made me fall back in love with it. I hope that through my arrangements I inspire people who are losing/have lost interest in the piano (or another instrument) to also fall back in love with it and start playing again. Music is an incredible thing, never lose it.